SaaS solutions for Transport & Logistics companies

Order Entry

Having your customers fill out transport-orders online saves you time and money. The Order entry forms automatically check the user-input to minimize errors.

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Track & Trace

Build a positive customer-relation by keeping them informed about the transport.

Trust is all about communication. Your customers trusted you with their goods, so you want to inform them when a status of a transport changes.

Track & Trace is available online for your customer, and you can configure T-Logix to send automatic emails as well!

Edi Connect

Developing EDI-connections can be costly and difficult. But with T-Logix you can create connections within minutes, at no extra costs. The EDI-connect tool allowes you to set up EDI-connections with your customers and partners in just a few minutes, so you can start doing business fast.
T-Logix EDI-Connect handles most modern formats.

Print Labels

Every shipment needs a Transport Label.

Our Label service allows you to print the label you want.

Do you prefer a custom Label? no problem, we can create it for you!

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Status Events

The Status-Events module is like the brains of your business logic. It allowes you to automatically trigger all kinds of events for a Transport order.

Examples are:

  • Send an email to the customer on Delivery.
  • Send a sms-notification to the delivery-contact on Departure.
  • Update transport Remarks based on postalcode or address
  • Update transport Type based on shipment size
The possibilies are endless!!

Transport Documents

Having your Transport Documents available online saves a lot of time (and paper!).

Want to email Documents to your partners in the logistics-hain? T-Logix makes it possible.

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